Day Eighteen: Hoosiers

Day Eighteen: Hoosiers

Today, we toured Indiana University. Here was the view from the Admissions Parking Lot:

IMG_1830 (1)

We took the shuttle bus up to the Admissions Building. After a presentation, we started the tour of the campus:

IMG_1816 IMG_1802 IMG_1805 IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1809 IMG_1819 IMG_1824

One of the cool things was next to the Chapel on campus is the family cemetery of the Dunn family (who donated much of the land where the campus is located):


After the Campus tour (which was very hot – it was over 90 degrees with humidity to match), we toured one of the resident halls and ended up eating at the dining area:


We left late in the afternoon and travelled out of Indiana to Ohio:


We survived the traffic and arrived in Cincinnati, hot and tired. Although now that we’ve had dinner, everyone is much happier!

Tomorrow, there isn’t much on the docket – our plans right now consist of going to dinner with friends.

Happy journeys!


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