New Year, New Look – Part II

New Year, New Look – Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been updating the covers of my existing books. This month, I’m proud to reveal the new cover for my second book, The Reluctant Agent:

I’ve just spent the afternoon updating the covers…everywhere. Everything should be processed in a few days.

What Else Is Going On?

I’ve received most of the feedback from my beta readers and I’m making the final tweaks. Once I do that, I’ll take one more editing/proofreading pass and then it will be ready to start the publishing process. Given the lead time for getting a new cover (which I can’t do until I know exactly how big the book will be), I think that the actual release day will be in April – date to be determined. Watch this space for news of when the pre-order will be available.

Join the Crew

Once again, I invite you to join my email newsletter – You can do that over on the right under the “Join the Crew of the Daedalus” box. Members of the newsletter get early notifications about what’s going on and extras. Recently, I’ve shared some images I generated using Mid-Journey (AI Generative Art) to highlight some scenes from both The Reluctant Captain and The Reluctant Agent.

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