“Space…The Final Frontier….”

Anyone who knows me or has read any of the posts here knows I am a major fan of Star Trek in nearly all of its incarnations.  When I was in college, my roommates and I would watch WPIX at 11:30 every weeknight and have a contest to see who could identify the episode first during the one minute scene before the main credits.  I watched with the same college friends when Star Trek The Next Generation debuted. We didn’t like the shape of the new Enterprise (D that is) and thought it looked like a bathtub (I will say that I did learn to love the shape). We cheered when Wesley Crusher was stabbed with a bayonet and then depressed when it was all magically reversed (on the freak chance that Wil Wheaton is actually reading my blog, I respect your work now and am a huge fan, but I REALLY hated Wesley Crusher. I can, and do, separate the actor from the role). I’ve been to three different Star Trek conventions and have autographs from several cast members.

So, it’s safe to say…I like Star Trek.

As you can imagine, I’m very excited for the opening of Star Trek Beyond. I must say, I was hesitant because the early trailers were all action and no character. I’ve been intrigued by the more recent trailers that focus more on the characters than explosions.  And I’m now REALLY excited because it seems to have, at this writing, a very good score on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you have read my blog, you know that I submitted a story for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fan fiction contest earlier this year. Much to my disappointment, it was not selected.

So, in honor of the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, I give you my humble contribution to the Star Trek universe:

“If My Grandmother Had Wheels, She’d Be a Wagon”

The story takes place during the start of Star Trek II: The Search For Spock and of course, features Scotty.

So from one Trek fan to another, I hope you enjoy the story!

Live Long and Prosper!


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What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated the blog, so I thought I’d give a little recap of my life, already in progress….

Book Signing

On June 11, I set up my little tent in the rain at the Sherburne Arts Festival to sell and sign my book. It was a typical Central New York day…it started with a thunderstorm, was cold enough for me to see my breath later in morning, and by the afternoon, was really hot.  And I actually managed to sell some books; making this infinitely more successful than my foray at Barnes & Noble. I was happy with how it went and got to talk to many people.

How’s The New Book Coming?

The answer to that is…slowly. The last few months have been brutal in my day job and I’ve found myself working late, some evenings, and the weekends. That means almost no time for writing and I’ve been too stressed out to focus (although I did get a couple of hours of writing time on Father’s Day!). My wonderful wife is sending me on a homemade writing retreat. In the Fall, I’m going back to a camp we stayed at last year near Woodstock and I’m going to have a cabin to myself for a long weekend and I just plan to write and write and write.  I’m so looking forward to a concentrated push on my novel so I can get the first draft finished.

But Why Can’t You Finish It Before the Fall?

Later this summer, we’re going on a cross country tour of colleges, with a number of stops along the way. I’m planning on turning this blog into a journal of our cross country adventure, so stay tuned for the “Great American Road Trip” edition of the blog.

Anything Else?

It’s summer band season, so I’m off playing in two area bands. Although you would think playing a concert of music you don’t see until the night you play it might be stressful, I love it and it almost always revitalizes me when I finish. It’s often hot and crowded, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Enjoy your summer and Happy Journeys!!




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