New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2024 brings you health and happiness!

2023 was certainly an interesting year. I finally finished the writing and editing of the newest Malcolm adventure. My daughter has started her own adventure with her new husband and my wife and I are adjusting to an empty house. And 2023 ended with the start of renovation of our kitchen. As I post this, we no longer have an oven. It won’t be long before the stove and sink are gone as well!

But 2024 is a new start – As part of that new start, I’m “re-releasing” my existing books with new covers. While I love the artwork on my current covers, they don’t match other steampunk books on the market. So I’ve commissioned new covers that I plan to roll out over the next two months. Although I have already shared the new covers with members of my newsletter (you can be a member as well by clicking the link on the right to join the Crew of the Daedalus!), I present to you the new cover for The Reluctant Captain:

I will update the new cover on the various ebook stores soon – it will take me a little longer to get them in place for the print editions.

I’m still gathering feedback from my beta readers to see if the new Malcolm novel (which still doesn’t have a title) to see if it needs any changes before I publish it. I’m shooting for publication in March (fingers crossed).

If you want to be notified as soon as the new book is up for pre-order, I encourage you to join the Crew of The Daedalus, my sometimes regular e-newsletter.

Until next time, Happy Journeys!

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