When Life Gets in the Way…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – my wife is recovering from surgery and while she’s recuperating, I am chief cook and bottle wash at the Tefft household while also holding down my full time job. So that pretty much means that the chunks of time I have for writing (and posting) have become REALLY tiny.

I was fortunate when I wrote The Reluctant Captain in that I had pretty much re-arranged my life around writing because I was determined to complete the NaNoWriMo challenge. I took the first day of the month off so I could get a good start (and it was a nice rest after Halloween which is a big deal at our house), and I took an extra day off at the end of the month. I kept social events to a minimum and used every speck of time for writing. I also had the added advantage of having done a bunch of research on my novel before I started.

With this novel, because I started over, I’m clawing my way through the opening. I think it’s good, but the setting for the opening has required all new research so I feel like I’m making no progress at all. That coupled with the huge decrease in available time has led to slow progress on the novel. But, the New York Rangers apparently decided I needed to get back to writing and decided to help by losing the Eastern Conference Finals; now I have all that time I would have spent watching them play for the Stanley Cup. That was very nice of them, but I think given the choice, I’d rather they had won and were competing for the Cup.

So, I make do with whatever time I have to write and try to make some kind of forward progress – even if it’s just writing an overdue post. Writing is important to me, but there are other things in life equally important like my family. If sometimes it means I have to give up  time for writing, I do with the hope that when the time comes, I will eventually get the time to write.

Father’s Day

And now the shameless self-promotion pitch….Father’s Day is coming and The Reluctant Author would make an excellent gift for the father-figure in your life. Coincidentally, you can purchase it by using the links over there on the right…I’m just saying….

Until next time…

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