Countdown to Lift Off…

Welcome to a new year…I hope that the new year finds you healthy and happy!

For Christmas, my wife had my book professionally edited! As a result, The Reluctant Captain is nearly ready for publishing. I’m going to take one last read through it, make one last round of tweaks, and then I will start getting it ready for actual publishing.  My goal is to release it by the end of February.  Stay tuned to this blog for more details as they become available!

In my day job, I’m a software developer and I compare this stage of my book to that final stage when most of the bugs have been found in testing and it’s the last round of programming and testing to make sure as many bugs have been shaken out as possible; only in this case, it’s typos, wrong words, or even missing words.  It’s good because it means you’re almost done, but you kind of feel like you might go mad if you have to look at the code one more time.  Fortunately, I like reading my book, so I’m not at that stage yet.

The next stage will be getting the book ready for publication.  I’m planning to offer it as both a physical book, as well as having electronic versions for Kindle, iBooks, and Nook. This stage is like getting a new system configured for production – it’s all nuts and bolts details. I’m sure I’ll be having tons of fun navigating the various software platforms for creating a new version – good thing I’m a software developer too!

As a thank you for the people who read my blog as well as a tease of the future, I’ve uploaded an excerpt of the first three chapters of my novel. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to being able to share the completed book with you. Feel free to leave comments here as I’m interested in feedback.

Happy journeys!


Click here for an excerpt from The Reluctant Captain

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