Day Nineteen: An International Lazy Day

Day Nineteen: An International Lazy Day

After what feels like a week in the car, today we had no place we had to be until later in the day, so we did…almost nothing.  We had a very late start and went to Panera for a late breakfast.  From there we went to Jungle Jim’s, a grocery store with almost every kind of food you can imagine. It had food from almost every country you can imagine.  As a result, we were kind of in heaven!

My son, who likes to try all sorts of food, bought the following haul of snacks from Finland, England, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan:


And I purchased this:  kvass, a drink popular in Russia made from rye bread. I mentioned it in The Reluctant Captain when Malcolm and Joan are talking about food.


It has a sour taste when it starts and a toffee after taste. I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again anytime soon.

Tonight we went out with friends to the Iron Chef Grill, a hibachi restaurant to cap off our international day.

Tomorrow, we’re thinking of popping over the river to Kentucky to Newport Aquarium and dinner with more friends.

Happy journeys!



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