Day Twenty One: Homeward Bound

Day Twenty One: Homeward Bound

Today,we said good bye to Cincinnati and headed northwest to our last hotel of our trip in Erie, PA.

I have to say, I couldn’t be happier to see this sign:


<begin rant>

Driving in Ohio has been an adventure that I do not want to do again for a while. I thought at first that it was because we were near Cincinnati – a city with its share of traffic issues. People would pass on either side of you and if there enough room to put a sheet of paper between your front bumper and their rear bumper, they had no qualms about cutting in front of you. They also seem to assume that you have to yield for them when they are cutting in front of you.

Like I said, I thought it was city related. But as we drove further and further away from Cincinnati, the driving didn’t change at all.  Twice I had people cut in front of me such that I had put on my brakes because I would have hit them.

I know that I’m used to driving in the country, but I’ve now driven across the country and back. I’ve driven in Boston and all the way to Florida. I have to say I hated driving in Ohio more than anyplace else (except maybe Montreal, but that’s a different story).

And what’s with driving right up to my rear bumper so that all I can see is your grill when you can clearly see that I can’t move over or speed up?  It’s not like I can go anywhere so doing that is only going to piss me off!

</end rant>

After we completed the “Escape From Ohio”, we found our hotel and ate at Quaker State and Lube.


My son and I had wings which where awesome!  Tonight, we adjourned to a Barnes & Noble because the wifi in the hotel was sketchy at best…one of the hazards of traveling.

Tomorrow, we arrive home after taking a slight detour to Little Falls to see a Viking longboat that has sailed all the way from Norway, down the Saint Lawrence, through the Great Lakes and across New York State using the canal system. Gives a new definition to “Viking River Cruise”.

Happy journeys!


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