Day Eleven: Huskeytown

Day Eleven: Huskeytown

Today, we toured the University of Washington – the true goal of our trip. Here’s a hasty picture I took of the entrance:


We went to the Husky Union Building and from there, took our tour of the campus. It was quite a bit different than I expected. I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect it to look so old.  Here are just a few of the buildings we saw:

IMG_1555 IMG_1554 IMG_1557 IMG_1570 IMG_1562 IMG_1574

We went to  Suzzallo Library:


Which on the inside was either Hogwarts:


or the Maester’s Citadel from Game of Thrones:


Here’s a picture of the fountain on campus created when Seattle had the World’s Fair (1962):


If you squint hard, the  whitish/grey stuff to the right of the fountain is Mount Rainier.

We went to the Sylvan Grove that holds four pillars from the original building of the University of Washington when it was actually in downtown Seattle:


The tradition is that you touch on of the pillars during Freshman Orientation and touch one again when you graduate.

We wrapped up at the HUB where we finished the tour.  Later in the afternoon, we took a tour of one of the residence halls, and it was much nicer than my Freshman dorm room! They also had so many amenities in the residence halls like kitchens, game rooms, a recording studio, a lab with 3D printers, soldering irons, wood working and sewing equipment, in addition to your usual TV and study lounges. Almost makes me want to go back to college!

Tonight we had an actual home cooked dinner in our suite (which was great!). Tomorrow we head to the Experience Music Project and the Space Needle in downtown Seattle.

WARNING: There may be an unhealthy collection of Star Trek related photos tomorrow. You’ve been warned!

Happy journeys



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