Day Thirteen: Homeward Bound

Day Thirteen: Homeward Bound

Today, we turned around and started our way back home. We liked Seattle and wished we could have spent more time there, but it was time to start back. Today was the mirror of Day 10; this time driving from Seattle to Missoula, Montana. I got the lucky job of driving out of Seattle at 8:00 this morning. The parking lot cleverly disguised as a freeway was where I had to go first thing this morning:

IMG_1695 (1)

We eventually clawed our way through the traffic and escaped Seattle and drove across Washington:

IMG_1698 IMG_1696 IMG_1700 IMG_1699

I also got to take over the driving just outside of Spokane, so I can say that I’ve officially unlocked the “Washington Urban Driving Achievement”.

We continued through Idaho (including a lovely section of one lane road where we got stuck behind a tractor trailer laboring up the mountains ) and finally reached Missoula. ¬†When we were here on Sunday, we ate at the Iron Horse Grill – we loved it so much that we ate there again tonight, even though it wasn’t close to our hotel. And we weren’t disappointed – another great meal:

IMG_1701 (1)

Tomorrow, we’re off to Sheridan, Wyoming.

Happy journeys,


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