To Boldly Go….

The countdown is on for the Great American Road Trip at the Tefft household. Five more days of work (which can’t finish soon enough) and we are on our way to Seattle and back.  I’m intending to blog every day to document our travels and I hope you watch the pages for the riveting details of spending 6 – 7 hours in a car every day :). With content like that, how could you not want to stay?

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I haven’t done anything yet because we haven’t had vacation yet.  But what I’ve mostly been doing is working my day job…..ALOT. This was the first weekend in several weeks that I haven’t worked at least part of the weekend.

And I’ve been playing trumpet. Twice a week in local community summer bands and the big band group I play in did a concert in the park that is literally across the street from my house.  Couldn’t really ask for a closer gig!

I have managed to catch a few movies this summer. We say  Star Trek Beyond (which I loved – my personal opinion is that it’s the best of the reboots) and today we just saw Suicide Squad which I also liked quite a bit. Truth be told, I liked it much more that Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe it’s a better written and directed movie, but I found the horrible villains of Suicide Squad far more sympathetic; I cared about them more than Batman or Superman.


I finally had a couple of free hours on Saturday so I hammered out the completion of a very tough scene. I know what I wanted to accomplish, but I wasn’t sure how. I’ll still have to rewrite it, but I’ve got enough there to keep moving forward.

This is the last update before the trip. Stay tuned for adventures on the road…I’m sure it will be riveting!

Happy journeys,



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